Thursday, August 14, 2008

Those pesky car alarms!

Does anyone ever pay any attention to them? Or do the majority of people react just like me?

"Oh, another annoying car alarm ... the car's not even getting broken into. Why's it going off?"

Recently, the alarm on my car has been going off for no apparent reason (and wind blowing on it does not count). I guess this is karmic payback for making complaints about high, whiny, car alarms or perhaps, it's probably what I'm presently learning about ... The Law of Attraction.

Think about something, FEEL it with enthusiasm and gratitude, then allow yourself to receive it, and you will draw it into your life. Go for the good stuff, folks!


Mind you, that Law of Attraction kinda explains two recent posts ...

1) The Parking Goddess: I'm always lucky with parking spots 'cause I always *know* I will get one.

2) 24 Hours on Lavalife: The intresting responses to my direct but perhaps *a little harsh* Lavalife profile ... I put out anger, I attracted anger ... LOL!!

"If you lose your way, I will help you find it."