Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year's Resolutions?

I say ... P-SHAW!! P-TOOEY!

If you couldn't or didn't resolve enough to make changes to your life at any particular point in 2007, what makes you think that just because we hit the first day of the first month of a new year of a man-made time-keeper called the calendar that you will be more committed to a resolution?

It's like being nice and contacting someone only when it's a birthday or holiday, like Christmas ... then ignoring this person the other 364 days of the year. What's the point? There ain't nuthin' wrong with all those other days.

You can't have time back, ever! Not that moment nor this moment ... tomorrow never comes, yesterday becomes memories, our perceptions tainted by our own interpretations of events, thoughts and feelings.

NOW is all we know and have. So use it wisely, my friends ...

This having been said and clarified ...

I wish you all a beautiful and joy-filled in-the-moment 2008!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Interesting Observation: the Shopping Cart

Why do we have to pay a 25 cent deposit to use a shopping cart in Toronto? I've never seen this in Montreal. You'd think that if someone really wanted to steal a shopping cart, he wouldn't care about not getting that quarter back. It'd be a pretty cheap shopping cart, if you ask me ...

Funnily though, in Montreal, at a supermarket close by my house that my kids and I go to only occasionally, we noticed a new sign that indicated that one could not take the shopping cart outside the parking lot perimeter. Of course, this was a clear invitation, but try as we might, it was true! Some mysterious force kept us from pushing that cart "across that line". Gave us a good hearty laugh!

Back to retrieving that quarter ... I suppose it could provide incentive though for some to place the cart back in its proper spot. Quarter or no quarter, I think it's important to be respectful and I'll always put it back, no matter how lazy I feel ...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Harrassment or adoration?

Dear Irongoddess,

I recently went to a government office to renew my driver's license and while waiting for my turn, I noticed a man glancing at me. Then after I finished doing what I needed to get done, I walked out of the office and there the man was. "Excuse me", he said. I ignored him and continued walking out of the building complex but he followed me and kept addressing me, even offering me a lift. I told him I was in a rush, didn't have time to talk and that I didn't need a lift, but he continued after me.

Obviously, I was not interested as I evidently rushed off, not even bothering to look at him. My question ... why do men do this sort of thing? Can't they just respect rejection?

Jane, a little teed-off

Dear Jane,

First of all, just be thankful that he didn't follow you out to your car or wherever you were headed (well, at least I hope he didn't). Just realise that men like that just don't understand NO. Perhaps this has something to do with the old caveman attitude of pulling a woman into his cave by her hair. And just remember also, that possibly at some point, this man's overt attitude of hitting on a woman may have actually worked for him in the past. This bad behaviour may have actually been reinforced by some woman's positive reaction.

I say, just let it go, you weren't hurt. There is a strange upside in this though ... you're a hot woman whom men oogle over ... and there are many lonely woman out there who would love to have an ounce of the attention that you just received.

Next time though, when addressed undesirably, don't say a word and just ignore him. Your reacting at all opened a door for communication. Let's just hope that you will never be placed in a situation that you will have to scream and run away.

The Irongoddess

Thursday, November 8, 2007

China's Sexual Revolution

Check out the new project that I worked on which will be airing on Thursday November 8, 2007 at 9pm on CBC-TV. I did the narrative voices for the radio host and Muzimei the blogger and others.

Thursday November 8, 2007 at 9pm on CBC-TVrepeating Saturday November 10 at 10pm ET on CBC Newsworld

You've heard about China's Cultural Revolution and its sizzling Economic Revolution. But you haven't heard about its other great social upheaval - the Chinese Sexual Revolution - and like everything in that country it's happening at warp speed.

It's China's version of the 60s revolution - on steroids.

CHINA'S SEXUAL REVOLUTION is the world's first glimpse - often using secret cameras - into this forbidden new China. It's a surprising portrait of the Chinese today: the new free love generation that's left their parents in shock; the booming sex industry that's creating an HIV crisis; the new generation of career women and feminists that suddenly wants it all - while millions of men feel left out.

Friday, November 2, 2007

He never would have thought ...

I recently went to a potluck supper to say bon voyage to Jonathan Clark who has now gone off to India to study with Steve McCurry, an incredible National Geographic photographer most reknown for his infamous picture of the "Afghan Girl":

After supper and dessert and with overstuffed tummies, we all got to telling stories and inevitably, the subject of sex came up. It's interesting how this one subject takes so much space in our society. More interestingly, what came out of our discussion was one fella's remark, "I never knew women talked about sex."

Baby, we don't just talk about it, we go into all the nitty gritty details. Then in front of your faces, we pretend we've never said a thing to each other. We discuss the talent of those who can spell the alphabet with their tongues and laugh about the utter boredom of those who have only one speed, one direction, who inevitably can't even keep themselves propped up except by resting on their teeth - OUCH! We know who curves right, who curves left, and who's got a pencil dick ... who's a boob man and who's a butt man. Need I say more?

The men at the party agreed ... The women had them beat at "sex talk" and even poked fun at themselves, "Yeah, I banged her real good last night. She really wanted it."

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome to my new blog ...

Hello to all you fun folks out there in cyberland!

Thought I would welcome you to my new blog with some examples of what you might expect from me here.

I hope you'll all write in soon :-)

Dear Irongoddess,

I started dating this really cute guy almost two months ago. He lives medium-distance away so we don't get to see each other often but we've had lots of great phone conversations that went on for hours. He's been telling me for a while now that he hopes to be with me for a very long time and is forever suggesting romantic get-aways. Last night, he was supposed to come over since we hadn't seen each other for almost two weeks. Already late, he called to tell me he decided not to come over since he'd feel uncomfortable. He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted to take a break!
Irongoddess, I don't get it ... my heart is broken. I was really starting to fall for this guy! What is it with guys and their empty words?!?

- A.J. from Sudbury

Dear A.J.,

I'm sorry to hear that your heart feels in the dumps but don't despair ... this happens all the time and is a very typical male thing. Here are some possible answers to your question:
1) The guy's a schmuck and had his fill of fun.
2) The guy lied to himself and in turn, lied to you but he didn't realise it until later 'cause he doesn't know who he is nor what he wants. Be happy that your relationship is now over ... would you really want to date someone who's so confused?
3) Do you really need another reason? Who cares? Just move on and start meeting all those other men who could be exactly what you're looking for.

The Irongoddess

Dear Irongoddess,

My mother always walks into my room without knocking and I'm really fed up! I'm fifteen now and no longer a child and I'd really like some privacy. I've tried talking to her several times but she hasn't stopped ... what can I do? Installing a lock is not an option.

- James

Dear James,

Start walking around your room stark naked all the time. When your mother walks in, just pretend that everything's cool and act normal. Continue doing what you were doing or if she addresses you, make sure to bring your full splendour up to her when you answer. If she doesn't start knocking soon, then add a little fondling of your "parts", very nonchalantly of course. Your problem will resolve itself quickly.

The Irongoddess

"If you lose your way, I will help you find it."