Thursday, November 4, 2010

"I've got nothing to do." WHAT?!?!

You thought I forgot about you, didn't you? Nope, not at all ... just somehow, amongst all the things on my overloaded plate, you ended up under everything and you know what they say, right? "Out of sight, out of mind ..."

Well, that's not exactly true ... I always saw a corner of you peeking through from underneath all my other things, wondering when I'd pay some attention to you.

So here I am, finally posting after an overextended unintentional hiatus ... not that there's less on my plate these days, oh no, nooo ... (the Universe has a strange way of piling things up real high for me), but I've now more than surpassed my own limit of negligence.

So, with a huge, humble, and very sincere "I'm sorry," I hope you will forgive me for my inattentiveness to you, my dear reader.

Interestingly enough, this apology leads me right into today's subject ...

I've never understood how people can say, "I've got nothing to do."

Heck, I've got so many things to do, I wish my body didn't need sleep and in fact, have even had to forego sleep to get *some* of the things off my plate ... Sleep is overrated, but I so much like to dream, sigh.

Life is so incredibly fascinating and we are privileged to have such an ample array of activities and interests to choose from to discover, explore and learn. I guess not everyone will be keen to seek things out themselves but there are a lot of social groups that exist to help the less motivated or timid people out ...

How about One can join individual groups based on interests and each group runs its own activities. Each city has its own groups. Nice way to meet new people who already share something in common.

One I prefer more though is One huge group divided into city subgroups from all over the world, but principally North America. Anyone can post an activity and all are invited to attend. A fun and exciting way to meet new people and make new friends as well as be exposed to new activities, experiences, foods, and life perspectives. Great for travelling as well ... not sure what to do in a new city and/or you find yourself travelling alone? Just check that city's board for event listings. I met a cool girl from Germany once through one of Meetin's events and we're still in touch!

Best of all, both websites offer free sign-up ... the only costs are the event costs that you attend!

If you're too shy to try an online social networking group, how about just signing up for or attending a new or familiar activity/group ... for sure you'll meet others and have fun exploring and learning together, with or without your friends:

- hiking
- dancing (swing, ballroom, latin ... no, contrary to popular belief, you do NOT have to sign up with a partner ... classes usually rotate partners)
- rock-climbing
- badminton
- beach volleyball
- Dragon boat racing
- arts and crafts
- choir
- and many others!

How about self-improvement things?

- learn to play a musical intrument (guitar, piano ... kazoo, yes that counts)
- learn a new skill (gardening, renovation, cooking ... when you get good at them, I'll invite you over to help me around my house and then you can make me supper ;-)
- learn to paint or draw or make cool pottery items that you can give away as presents
- learn woodworking and cabinetry ... I just love the smell of wood!
- read, read, read ... fiction, non-fiction ... sure, even delve into spirituality and psychology ... too many good books to list here but I've got two of Eckhart Tolle's books in my reading pile
- re-organize your closet
- re-organize your office
- yes, you CAN throw those things out, recycle them or give them away!

Or how about just simple general things?

- call a friend
- see a friend
- watch a film
- visit a bookstore
- in fact, visit any kind of store
- go for walk on the sidewalk, avoiding all cracks so you don't break your mother's back
- go to the museum
- go explore a part of the city you don't know
- go explore a part of the city you DO know
- write some poetry
- write a book (okay, perhaps this is more my thing than yours)
- hem that pile of pants sitting patiently in your dresser drawer for the past year (wait, that's definitely more my thing than yours too ... I think ;-)
- clean ypur house (or my house if you really want to)
- play some board games
- or if you're not into that, how about some "adult games", hehehe ...
- sing
- sing a song
- sing out loud
- sing out strong
- sing of good things, not bad
- sing of happy, not sad
- blog (wait, maybe that's more me again) ... or how about, write me at and I'll blog about YOU!
- take a nap
- take a bubble bath
- sip some wine
- why not, go ahead, glug the whole bottle down!
- take care of your backlog of emails
- browse the internet
- if you're single (or even if you're not), go browse the internet dating sites and daydream a bit
- go fly a kite ... literally! Weeee!

I could go on and on and on ... life is full of a kajillion billion interesting things to do! Okay, perhaps there are some things I'd rather not do ... like my taxes, or clean the toilet, or wash the windows ... but other than that, the list is ENDLESS.

So let's do some thinking and reframing the next time you're ready to say, "I've got nothing to do."

Have fun ... life is what you make it ... now go out there and never be bored again!

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